Lucy Restaurant and Bar opens December 30, 2017.  Cleveland starts off 2018 with the first Ethiopian restaurant on the west side. 


Lucy's goal is to provide high-quality and authentic Ethiopian food, both to Ethiopians who grew up eating it and to anyone willing to try something new.

While most people will not have the opportunity to visit Ethiopia, Lucy hopes to bring a piece of Ethiopia to the city of Cleveland.  The restaurant is adorned with traditional Ethiopian paintings on animal skins, as well as hand-woven baskets, chairs, and tables called masobs.  Traditional Ethiopian music is played. A coffee ceremony is performed in front of guests, where coffee beans are roasted, ground, and brewed.

The restaurant was named after the fossil of an early human ancestor that was discovered in Hadar, Ethiopia in 1974.  The team that unearthed her nicknamed her Lucy after the song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", which had been playing while they celebrated the find.  This team was led by former Cleveland Museum of Natural History curator Donald Johanson.


A permanent exhibit focused on Lucy is in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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2218 Broadview Road

Cleveland, OH 44109